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huangbo (stream at yichang, 宜昌; 黄 柏河)

fishery in the Huangbai stream at Yichang:
Traditional lift net operated on the fisher boat

geographical location of the huangbai stream at city yichang

Yichang-TeubnerHuangbai at Yichang, 2004:
Two people, usually the fisherman and his wife, operate the lift net on the fishing boat.
Yichang-TeubnerHuangbai at Yichang, 2004:
The fisherman is listening to his wife for the rhythm of lifting up and down the fish net.

Yichang-TeubnerHuangbai at Yichang, 2004:
Fishing boats with upliftet wooden frame constructions and nets.
Yichang-TeubnerHuangbai at Yichang, 2004:
Lift net operated on the boat. Both, the wooden frame and the net are seen here under water. The fisherman on the stem end is listening to the commands from his wife on the bow, to raise the net by a rope getting the fish catch.

Yichang (3041’ N 11117’ E) is located on the Yangtze River, 61 m above sea level and belongs to the Hubei Province. The photos about local fishery were taken on the Huangbai River / Huangbo stream, which is a tributary of the Yangtze River. The fishing harbour was about 30 minutes away from the Chinese Sturgeon Garden (3046’ N 11118’ E) when going by bus. The mountain stream, the Shennong Xi S, is a further tributary into the Yangtze River about 100km only away from Yichang, close to the city Badong. This stream is also described in greater detail on this lakeriver-website.

the fisher man and his wife are operating the lift net on the boat

Yichang-TeubnerLocal fishery in the Yangtze River basin, 2004:
The lift-net is operated on the fishing boat. Snapshots are illustrating the procedure of lifting of the net. The blue arrows indicate the slow up and down lifting of the wooden frame construction, respectively. The orange-red arrows mark the direction of pulling the net up or down separately.
Yichang-TeubnerLocal fishery in the Yangtze River basin, 2004:
Getting the fish catch: While the net is lifted up, the fisher woman takes out the fish from the net (see snapshot 1). The following snapshots show how she gets the grass carp from the net and moves the fish catch into the storage place below the removable wooden bottom planks of the boat (snapshots 2 to 9).

This website illustrates how the lift nets are operated on the fishing boats. The procedure of getting a fish catch by the periodic lifting up and down of the net is described by a series of photos shown in the gallery and the snapshots in the two pictures above. The yield from lifting up the net about ten times in one hour was the catch of two fish only. The fish catch on the second boat, which was also visited for the demonstration of the lift net, was no better.

Photos of lift nets operated on the boat are further shown for lake  Dianchi S and Yangtze River S on this lakeriver-website. Lift nets operated from the shore are also shown for Dianchi. Such shore lift nets are common on the tributaries of the Danube River, in Austria. The wooden flat-bottomed boats, that were commonly used as fishing boats in small basins, are explained in greater detail for the Shennong stream S on this website. Fishing by other nets than lift nets and baiting traps is illustrated for the lakes Taihu S and Poyang S.